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We at Chauffeured Solutions welcome you to hire Mercedes S Class from our place and make your travelling easy, convenient and comfortable. Not just this luxurious vehicle but also our unrivaled services with cheapest pricing structure will add sparkle to your day.

The following are some of the features of our Mercedes Benz S-Class sedan:

  • The car has a sun-roof that makes travelling fun and enjoyable. The sun-roof also enables the passengers to enjoy fresh air and light while travelling.
  • The steering wheel is a multi-functional one and easy to handle. The power steering also enables the drivers to easily maneuver the car on tough tracks. It enables chauffeur to drive comfortably and control the car in the best manner possible.
  • The seats of the car are made of soft leather that makes them very comfortable. In addition, the vehicle holds ample seating capacity and offers suffice legroom for the passengers to travel comfortably and in complete relaxation.
  • The sedan is also embedded with climate control features. This enables the passengers to adjust the heating and cooling inside the car as per their convenience and requirements.
  • The embedded sound system and Smartphone integration features of the vehicle offers complete entertainment for the passengers.
  • The S Class is also armed with advanced safety features like air bags, driving assistance, navigation system as well as an anti-braking system. These features ensure that the car will be driven in the safest manner possible.
Mercedes Benz E class

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